“Why not join us in cooking something interesting” they said, “it’ll be fun, a thrifty bit of meat for a thrifty month.” Sure, I thought, why not? It definitely sounds interesting. Little did I know. Like Pinnochio’s nose, it just … Continued

Cha siu

Hi, I’m Mr Noodles from Eat Noodles Love Noodles and I’ve hijacked The Grubworm. Don’t worry though, Aaron will be back from honeymoon (congratulations!) in September but in the meantime he has entrusted his blog to a team of blogsitters. … Continued

Columbo pork curry

Forget voodoo, zombies and Baron Samedi, the real magic among the islands and jungles of the Caribbean comes from Creole cooking. A strange and wonderful combination of food was brought here from all corners of the world as Empires and … Continued