Georgia: down home and delicious

“Georgia, Georgia, the whole day through. Just an old sweet song keeps Georgia on my mind.” That old sweet song, and grits, burgers, pancakes, crispy bacon, eggs sunny side up, all that low down deliciously dirty food, keeps Georgia on … Continued

The Drapers Arms

Gastro pub. What a stuck in-the-middle, fence sitter of a label. Trite terminology aside, my only real issue with it is that it’s become a cypher for stripped floorboards and style-over-substance, over-priced, bland, rubbish food. And so it ends up … Continued

Delhi Grill

Walking into Delhi Grill I felt something of the real Delhi, in all it’s chaotic glory, about it. So the meal wasn’t eaten to a background of baring horns, shouted conversation and sacred cows. But there was still something undeniably … Continued

Counter Cafe, Hackney Wick

The Wick. The next place to be and to be seen. Or so Timeout and a thousand Shoreditch hipsters would have you think. Full of warehouse studios and penniless artists taking advantage of all that space that no-one else wants … Continued