Everything in moderation

Moderation spelled out in scrabble tiles

I stopped doing new year resolutions a long time ago. They were too easy to make and too easy to break with little more than a shrug. What’s so special about the turn of one year into another anyway? But as I have got older, January has slowly turned into a period of reflection for me.

Maybe it’s the natural break of Christmas, the come-down after the excess and sometime debauchery traditional to this time of year. Maybe it’s that people have celebrated the darkest part of the year in a defiant and reflective way for thousands of years. Maybe it’s just that I’m changing as I get older.

Whatever it is, I’ve started to view the transformation of December into January as a time to pause and catch up with myself. But I have, until now, resisted making promises to myself that I know will dissipate like mist in the morning sun.

This year I feel the need for change. But as I’ve had little success in keeping lists of resolutions thus far, I’m going for a single new year maxim instead:

Try to do things in moderation.

When it comes to my belly, my liver and my wallet I can be pretty profligate. I need to rein in my appetite a little. Not least because over indulging on any of those makes me feel pretty rubbish both in body and mind.

So it’s time to introduce a bit more evaluation into my everyday life. The starting point will be asking myself, “Do I really need that?” It’s not like I spend way beyond my means or engage in bacchanalian orgies and Mr Creosote-like binges, its just I tend to over do it, just a little bit, a lot of the time. I leave little time for thought or reflection. And right now those are two things I need to do more of.

Will I keep it? I have no idea, but I am going it give it a damn good try. There is no foregoing, no bans, restrictions or limitations. Just that simple directive that I hope will lead to benefits. I don’t want to wake up after one drink/course/purchase too many, feeling a sense of residual guilt anymore.

4 Responses to “Everything in moderation”

  1. Fuss Free Helen

    Everything in moderation. Especially moderation!

    I know exactly what you mean, I over do it in all sorts of ways. Not good for me at all.

  2. The Grubworm

    @Uyen – you too huh? It does look as thought you have been VERY busy this year

    @Fuss Free Helen – it’s the steady accumulation that’s done me in this year. And the new 2 hour commute means I’m not recovering as quickly

  3. catty

    Happy new year Aaron! Hope you had a wonderful 2012 and an even better 2013 to come! Sorry i didn’t get a chance to see you in London. We had all of 2.5 days and it was MANIC. in any case, LOVE the quote and I whole-heartedly subcribe to moderation. and ice cream :)

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