What I really miss about London


Six months into my Brighton existence and I’ve come to the realisation that I don’t miss London at all. Except for one thing, more of which later… But the city as a whole? Nope. I would definitely rather be down on the south coast.

And I say that despite daily commute of two hours there and two hours back. Four whole hours on First Capital Connect’s out-dated, dirty and decrepit old rolling stock. But the moment I disembark and hear the seagulls’ cry, a large grey weight lifts.

There’s that one thing though, the thing I miss, and it isn’t what I thought it would be. Not Asian food. Not the innovative new dining spots. Not the increasingly tiring merry-go-round of new openings – all small plates, no-bookings and re-invented fast food.

Nope. The one thing I miss, really miss, about London, and Hackney in particular, is Turkish food. Picking up small knobbly cucumbers and fresh feta from tubs of brine on my way home. Popping out for baked egg and sujuk breakfasts or a spicy kofte kebab beautifully grilled over charcoal and served with onions, pomegranate dressing and flat bread. And the coffee, oh God, I miss the coffee – dark, thick as tar and sweet as sin.

So this is a call out to those in the know in Brighton. Can I find any of this down here on the channel coast? Can I sip my a thimble of tarry joy to sound of seagulls? Because that would bring me pretty close to paradise.

EDIT 15/10/2012: It goes without saying that I miss all my friends, right? Because don’t worry Hurt of E17 and Meemalee, I do!

11 Responses to “What I really miss about London”

  1. Hurt of E17

    Sob . . . Don’t you miss us?
    . . . Oh, and Civilisation . . . and Culture?

  2. The Grubworm

    Ah, I see you forgot to add some punctuation to your comment: “Civilisation”… and “Culture”.

    There, fixed it for you (ducks and starts running for cover…). I jest. Of course I miss all the people in the Big Smoke. But surprisingly little of the rest of it.

  3. The Grubworm

    Well, it was a bit if a “daddy or chips” kind of thing. I went with chips.

    I’m joking. Of course I miss all my friends. But y’know, E17 and your southern climes aren’t really London… ;P

  4. Tom

    I can tell you it is exactly the same all the way out in Asia! And cheese ;)

  5. Mr Noodles

    How about kidnapping, er, I mean persuading, a Turkish grill chef, to work in Brighton? In the meantime, you could learn how to make Turkish coffee ;)

  6. catty

    Hehehe.. got caught out for forgetting your friends eh? Well, I’m glad you’re loving where you’re living because at the end of the day, that is what you go home to. The four hour train ride sounds crappy, but you weekends by the beach must be amazing! You would have had the best summer!

  7. shuhan

    glad you seem to be loving brighton. maybe this just means you need to start investing in a turkish cookbook. bet you could do really well that way eh? ;)

  8. tad

    I know it’s not the same, but check out Kambis for a good shwarmar

  9. Ziu

    Interesting! I live in a very Turkish area of London (North, of course!) but dont really make the most of Turkish food, I guess. Yes, we are less than 2 min away from all the wonderful veg, fresh herbs, fresh feta and olives (cant remember the last time I got any of this stuff from supermarket) but we dont really eat out in Turkish eateries. Any suggestions?

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