Scaling BBQ heights, Silicon valley chefs and get hammered in Canada

Linus bbq
Picture by Pudding Pop & Minimize

Damn, I’m definitely missing a trick working in media in London? I should be over in California living it large on kobe burgers and foie gras at some the world’s biggest tech companies. Hell, Facebook has a BBQ shack and a burrito bar on-site. Suddenly our quarterly drinks don’t look so great. While we’re on the subject of BBQ shacks, do check out a Seoul man scaling the heights to cook perfect ribs. And as if that isn’t enough, by looks of the last article you should definitely head to the Ex (whatever that is), it looks fun.

The semi-charmed life of a tech company chef
From Buzzfeed, 8 Sept 2012
It’s not just intellectual property and patents that Silicon Valley’s finest tech-minds are busy protecting (or swiping) from one another. There’s another sort of hot property in companies where free food is considered an entitlement not a perk. Who knows whether the internet would grind to a halt if the free fwaffles ran out? Yep, it certainly ain’t plain sailing either working as a tech chef: “You could kill yourself by simply putting a corn dog on the menu.”

For the Love of BBQ
Vimeo via Tom Eats Jen Cooks, 2 September 2012
Think you love barbeque? I did, until I realised what real BBQ love meant. Linus, the star of this brilliant two-and-a-half minute video loves barbeque. He literally scales the heights of his Seoul apartment to slow smoke those ribs southern style on the roof. Would you be willing to go that far? To risk life and limb to get that perfect smokey flavour?

Let’s go the Ex, and get hammered
From Swallow, August 31 2012
I haven’t got the faintest idea what the Ex is, but reading this (and checking out the picture) it looks like a blast. Carney rides, walk-by gambling and a whole lot of beer adds up to some very hungry punters, “Like zombies to brains, we drunks were drawn to food on sticks. Stick something edible on a stick and we bought it.”

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  1. KSalty

    I want to work for Facebook now! Interesting article – and didn’t the google chef write a cookbook?

  2. The Grubworm

    @KSalty – they did? I’d be curious to see what Googlers eat…

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