Hobos, lobsters and outraged commenters

Lobster pots

Today I’ve got a couple of contrasting slices of vintage Americana for you. There’s a photo essay on the National Hobo Convention (okay, I know it’s not food related per se, but it is very interesting) in Iowa and a long piece of writing by David Foster Wallace on the Maine Lobster Festival. They’re both fascinating slices of life you wouldn’t find anywhere else. I’m starting things off closer to home with a review that started a heated discussion… Bloggers expressing opinions! Whatever next?!

The Holborn Whippet
From Cheese and Biscuits, 21 August 2012
Blogger writes review expressing his opinion. Cue OUTRAGE across the webz and a small Twitterstorm. How dare he! Should someone mollify or redact their review because a place is new (I don’t think so)? Read the review, definitely read the comments, then see what you think.

61 things I learned a the National Hobo Convention
From Buzzfeed, 22 August 2012
So there is nothing really foodie about this link, unless you count the cauldrons of Mulligan stew. But… A hobo convention? What a brilliant occasion. Mosey on over and Check out the photos. Get familiar with Minneapolis Jim and Hobo Lump, grab some free drinks (don’t fall into the fire) and watch the Hobo Council from afar. They look like pretty interesting folks.

Consider the lobster
From Gourmet, 2004
I’m signing off this week’s instalment with a seminal piece of food writing. The late, great (and inheritor of the Great American Novelist mantle) David Foster Wallace heads on over to the Maine Lobster Festival and checks out crustacean fever in full flow. Now stop reading this and read that (warning – it’s long). What are you waiting for? G’wan. Git over there!

4 Responses to “Hobos, lobsters and outraged commenters”

  1. catty

    I love this little mini.. what is it? round up? it’s great though! Am going to read all three links.. especially the Twitterstorm Chris caused :)

  2. The Grubworm

    @catty – yep, I’m trying to share some of the cool stuff I find on the webz. I hope you enjoy :)

  3. Tom

    That Hobo convention thing was pretty interesting. I like this new initiative btw… gives me some good reading for when bored :)

  4. The Grubworm

    @Tom – glad you like it, gives me some encouragement to continue!

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