Beef skewers in Cambodia, Portland eating, tinned collywobbles and the Olympic milkman.

Photo from TomEatsJenCooks

This week’s collection of links is full of interesting, and downright strange, places to visit. Hidden corners on three continents beckon, from beef liver skewers in Cambodia to sausage and maple syrup breakfast waffles in Portland. And that’s before we get to explore an eccentric, and rather wonderful, side of East London. It’s not all about skinny jeans, svelte athletes and London Fields..

On the rounds with the olympic milkman
From Spitalfields Live, 10 August 2012
“No delivery too small”, a profile of Kevin Read, the Spitalfields milkman who is trying to rebuild the old East End milk delivery runs. A quietly determined man who runs from van to door in the (very) early hours of the morning to make sure the milk arrives (quietly) on time.

Hoxton Monster Supplies
From Miss Immy’s London, 09 August 2012
Puveyors of finest monster supplies since 1818. The only place in the East End to stock tinned colley wobbles, human tears (or sadness, joy and onion chopping), the night sweats and the delicious snot-in-a-jar. Somewhere not to be issued if you’re a monster.

Skewered in Siem Reap
From Eating Asia, 30 July 2012
BBQ beef. In Cambodia. Right next to Angkor Wat. That is just so full of win. SE Asia is a real paradise for anyone even just a little bit interested in food. Everything there is so vibrant – the ingredients, flavours, colours. And the variation is great. It is the mecca for street food. And while so many words have been dedicated to Thai and Vietnamese food, Cambodian cuisine is much less covered. So have a read, check out the amazing pictures and start day dreaming of steamy jungle nights with these beautiful beef skewers.

Small city, Big Food
From TomEatsJenCooks, 8 August 2012
Are you planning to go to Portland – Hipster capital and city of the moment? And by all accounts full of an unreasonable amount of good coffee for its size. This run down of great food is the place to start if you’re going be there and be hungry at any point. The pictures are pretty damn good too.

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  1. Vicky @ Ursine Cuisine

    I’ve just finished watching Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations on Portland – it looked like it was a lot of fun! Bacon doughnuts and heavily inked chefs featured quite a lot, so I’ll have to check out TomEatsJenCooks to see what there take is.

  2. The Grubworm

    @Vicky – yeah, i reckon it looks ace. Now I really want to go there too.

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