A wine list debate, Afghan compote, cooking over flames and One-Shot Johnny

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Here’s something a little different. Instead of a recipe I’m going to point you in the direction of four great reads that I’ve come across this week. From One-Shot Johnny the slaughterman in Meatpaper to an aromatic peach compote from The Spice Spoon. It’s the first of a collection of links from around the food-web I’ll post every week. I hope you’ll enjoy.

Elegy for the Knackerman
From Meatpaper volume 6, 2008

“There are only a few ways to legally kill a farm animal in California. One-Shot Johnny is one of them.” A profile of custom animal slaughterer John Taylor, self-described knack-man and one of the few independent slaughterers left in California. In the USA the separation of farming reality and the end product is almost complete. A few people like John are fighting a rear-guard action against industrialised slaughter. This was written four years ago and is a glimpse of where we’re headed over here. Surely it’s better to know where your meat comes from?

Fire and Feast
From Not without Salt, 03 August 2012

There’s something so wonderfully primal about setting up a fire on the edge of the ocean, whether it’s on Brighton beach or a small island of the pacific coast of the USA. And it’s not just meat either, a fire can wreak wonderful changes on vegetables too. Caramelised peppers, sweet carrots and smokey aubergine. Sigh. Heaven.

Morabayeh Holou – Peach Compote in the Afghan Manner
From The Spice Spoon, 22 July 2012
Recipe time! Here’s a compote made from fresh peaches with cardamom and cinnamon. A compote that can also be the basis for a drink as well? Now that’s something to make for the weekend. It’s pretty straightforward to make and the end result can be the basis for a perfect breakfast, snack, sundowner or pudding. Now that’s my kind of compote.

Should a wine list educate or merely flatter you?
From NYT, 7 Aug 2012
Where do you stand when it comes to wine lists, do you prefer lots of (or at least some) recognisable wines, or are you someone who likes to dive into the unknown with an unfamiliar sommelier as your guide? For me, so long as the wines are intelligently described and go with the food, I’m all ready to shoulder my rucksack and head off into the blank spots on the map.

3 Responses to “A wine list debate, Afghan compote, cooking over flames and One-Shot Johnny”

  1. anne

    Sometimes I am in the mood for adventure and will try and unknown wine. When friends are around I try and stay with what I think they would enjoy. Most people seem to like white in the summer and red in the winter. The fish and steak thing seems to have faded away. Nice to see your still blogging along. xx Aunt Anne

  2. Vicky @ Ursine Cuisine

    Just what I need – more links to read, more blogs to get into – my blogreel grows ever longer! I already read The Spice Spoon – I love her writing.

    In all seriousness, it’s a great idea to blog a weekly list of new and inspiring bits and pieces.

  3. The Grubworm

    @Vicky – thanks, I’d thought I’d try something a little different once a week and see how it goes. And I like to share the interesting stuff I find.

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