Interruptions to the scheduled programme

Kings Cross station

With a swipe of the stanley knife I cut the tape and sealed the last of the boxes. Vinney, the moving man from Brazil hefted the last chair down to the van and that was it. A flat empty of furniture. A kitchen with no pots or pans. A bedroom with no bed. The end of almost four years in N16.

Last Sunday we moved out of our first real home, handing over the keys to the new owners and commencing a life on the streets. Well, on family members’ floors at any rate (a BIG thank you to all the people who are putting us up). And now? Now I feel discombobulated and uncertain.

All of which is to say that The Grubworm will be experiencing intermittent and interrupted service over the coming weeks. Our entire life, bar some clothes and my three best knives, is packed into an anonymous storage unit in darkest East London. I will be cooking in borrowed kitchens, sleeping on borrowed beds, eating off borrowed plates. And it’s all a bit strange.

So cooking will be a challenge, but one I hope I can rise to. And blog where possible. Hell, I’ll even throw in a few reviews as I haven’t done any of those for ages. I might even take The Grubworm in a whole new direction. Who knows? I’ll certainly be working on the design which is – let’s be honest – a bit boring at the moment.

It’s not all bad. Life may be uncertain, but it’s definitely exciting. We’re starting on a bit of a new adventure. And who knows where it might take us. So please bear with me blog-wise. There may be some weeks with no new posts, some with loads, I really don’t know. Thanks for reading so far and here’s to a new chapter!

7 Responses to “Interruptions to the scheduled programme”

  1. Thursday

    Here’s to new adventures. I’ll still be here to read, however intermittent or long it takes.

  2. Mr Noodles

    Love it that you packed some knives; good to see you’ve got your priorities right! And best of luck with the house hunting!

  3. The Grubworm

    @Thursday – yes – cheers to new adventures! Thanks for hanging around to read, you’re one of my longest running friends on one social media or another :)

    @oliver – thanks! The plan is to move south towards the sea – Brighton here we come!

    @Mr Noodles – of COURSE I packed some knives. Have global cook’s knife, will travel (carefully). Thanks!

  4. Jenny Eatwell

    Good luck with it all – it can’t be easy, not having anywhere to hang your hat (or pinny). My fingers are crossed for you, that you find something great – and soon.

  5. The Grubworm

    @Jenny – thanks! My pinny is indeed a forlorn thing without a hook to hang on ;)

    @Kay – I agree, here’s to new adventures! Thanks :)

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