A Tour of Asia

Hi, it’s me again, Mr Noodles from Eat Noodles Love Noodles. I’m doing a spot of blogsitting for my old mate, The Grubworm, whilst he and his missus trot the globe.

I’m more than a bit jealous, as I’d love to take some time off to go on an extended trip to soak in the food and culture of faraway lands. Wouldn’t we all? So why don’t we? Let’s do it, let’s take an imaginary tour of Asia, starting in…

…Tokyo. The Japanese capital is a foodie’s paradise with its sashimi, sushi, tempura and yakatori joints. However, I’m not called Mr Noodles for nothing and when in Tokyo, you must try the local noodles. Stuff like this magical bowl of ramen topped with chashu pork and egg.

The next stop on our tour is Beijing, where the local delicacy of Peking duck is one of my favourites. After all, what can top crispy duck skin, juicy meat, spring onions and cucumber all wrapped in a pancake with some sweet bean paste?

Dumplings can be found all over China, but the best are arguably the xiao long bao of Shanghai. These sumptous soup-filled treats are the stuff of legend. Whilst the standard pork xlb is pretty good, if you can, try the pork and crab variety.

Moving onto the south of China, let’s check out the delights of Guangzhou (aka Canton), the birthplace of Cantonese cuisine. During my last visit, I was very taken with a simpler rustic style of this cuisine typified by dishes like these fish-skin dumplings.

There’s always much argument as to which city serves the better Cantonese food, Guangzhou or Hong Kong. It’s a tough one to answer and one best discussed over some siu yuk (crispy belly pork) in one of Hong Kong’s many restaurants.

There’s also a massive debate as to what is Singapore’s national dish. Is it chilli crab? What about laksa? In my opinion, Hainanese chicken rice deserves the title, largely because I have a decent photo to hand.

I started the tour with noodles, and I’m going to end it with noodles! Sang har mein is a Malaysian Chinese dish that sees giant fresh river prawns on top of crispy egg noodles. Sod the Petronas Towers, this is Kuala Lumpur’s number one tourist attraction.

6 Responses to “A Tour of Asia”

  1. Mr Noodles

    In case you’re wondering, the sang har mein are from a restaurant called Soo Kee in KL.

  2. Louise

    That whistle stop tour has given me itchy feet. Never been to Asia but love their food from Cantonese to Japanese, Thai to malaysian.

    Hmm, might have to get out the spices and make me a mussaman curry, or maybe a ramen …. hmmm, too many good choices!

  3. Mr Noodles

    Louise – there are too many good choices! Naturally I’m biased, but the food of Asia, in particular east Asia, is the best. You really need to get out there!

  4. Meemalee

    ” In my opinion, Hainanese chicken rice deserves the title, largely because I have a decent photo to hand.” – hehehe!

    Loved this tour, Mr Noodles!

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