Foiled by the Great Firewall of China

Beijing bedroom

A quick announcement from The Grubworm. We’re here in Beijing, and what an interesting (if polluted) city it is so far. At least, the small hutong area we’re staying in tonight is.

Sadly we can’t get Twitter or Facebook (or even Posterous) in China at the moment which somewhat stymies my updating plans for keeping you all in the loop. However… all is not lost! You will still see me here (wifi and computer allowing) and also on Tumblr at:

Impressions so far are that Beijing is VERY BIG indeed. It sits somewhere between Hanoi and Tokyo on the sliding scale of Asian cities (that I have been too). The roads and walkways and cars are reminiscent of the Japanese capital, the alleys and pollution are more mainland Asian in their energy and dirt.

Food is already interesting, we have had duck (it’s Beijing, what else would we eat) but it came cold, chicken and walnuts (the highlight so far) and plenty of, as yet unidentified, veg mixed with fungus, nuts, pork fat and other delicious flavourings.

Street food seems to be onion cakes (I think), something that looks like a pasty and plenty of totally unrecognisable things on skewers that are bbq-ed, hot-potted and pretty damn tasty. Roll on Tibet (we’re catching the 2-day train this evening).

2 Responses to “Foiled by the Great Firewall of China”

  1. Kavey

    Onion cakes might be the special Beijing dumplings, kind of like large, fat but flat dim sum, but not entirely… I tried them from Mama Lan supperclub host and her mother, a typical Beijing street food they said. TASTY!

  2. Mr Noodles

    Well at least you had the foresight to get set up, as sites on blogger/blogspot, wordpress etc… are all uniformly banned in China to save the censor having to go through loads of blogs.

    Onto the food, those spring onion cakes are addictive! But I’m not sure how you ended up eating cold duck!

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