A hot pot feast at Little Lamb


I’m a hot-pot novice, but anything that gets a big group of friends and soon-to-be friends round a table slurping and munching and spilling and chatting has got to be a good thing right? So when an invite came from Going With My Gut to join a hot potty crew for dinner, I was never going to refuse.

And it was everything that I hoped it would be. Tasty, interesting, fun and full of lots of new things. The restaurant, Little Lamb, was cozy and – thanks goodness – air conditioned. Eating spicy hot and aromatic hotpot is, well, HOT work.

We chatted, we dunked, we ate and ate and ate as plate after plate of food was ferried to our table. Snow crab, tofu knots, fish tofu and thick and slippery Mongolian noodles were all highlights. That’s not to say everything else wasn’t tasty, because it sure was.

Instead of yabbering on any more, I’ll just show you the some of that joyful procession of plates and say if you get the chance to go to Little Lamb, do so. For £20 a head you get a real feast:

Snow crab
Snow crab all broken up and ready to dunk

A row of prawns

Slender slices of lamb

Tofu knots
Tofu knots

Boiling broth
Boiling roiling baking broth

Cumin covered skewers

72 Shaftesbury Avenue, London W1D 6NA, Tel: 020 7287 8078

6 Responses to “A hot pot feast at Little Lamb”

  1. Kavey

    Was a great feast wasn’t it?

    Would recommend table of 4 so that everyone can reach the pot easily. 2 is fine but 4 allows you to order better variety of items to dip in!


  2. Mzungu

    Damn looks great. I’ve tried to eat here a few times, but it is always full and with people waiting …. One day, one day ….

  3. Campari

    You should come to hong kong for some real hot pot! this seems nice but you get alot more for your “buck” in HK. That said, lovely review and photos as per usual.

  4. Mr Noodles

    I love Little Lamb! BTW – did you guys order the Fuzhou fishballs as part of your feast?

  5. The Grubworm

    @Kavey – you are right, multiples of four for hotpot is a good idea, same as multiples of three for dum sum

    @Mzungu – it was pretty tasty (although I have no real hotpot experience to compare it too) and very enjoyable. I would book and try to get a table downstairs (it has aircon)

    @Campari – I was there a couple of days ago! But didn’t try the hotpot :( Had some amazing dimsum in Dim Tai Fung, seafood in Underbridge Spicy Crab, shrimp roe noodles in Sham Shui Po and steamed fish at Fat Mama’s. Not bad for two nights!

    @Going with my Gut – yes and YES! Nyum indeed :D

    @Mr Noodles – I can;t remember, although we did have some fish balls so maybe. The fish tofu was one of my faves, along with the Mongolian noodles.

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