Bloggers’ Lunch at The Ship – a proper party

Mini crab cake with quails egg

From across the capital (and beyond) they came, braving arctic conditions and the vagaries of London transport. They crossed rivers, trekked ice-bound wildernesses, clambered up treacherous stairs and made their way, swaying and clanking, through tunnels deep underground.

Why? To get to one of the events of 2010, the bloggers’ xmas lunch. No fewer than fifty bloggers found their way through snow and wind to The Ship, a beacon of warmth and light perched on the south bank of the Thames. A pub full of friendly folks chatting, eating and drinking.

The lunch, superbly organised by One Million Gold Stars and The London Foodie, was a chance to meet up, chat, and break bread with many people I had met, and many others I knew only from online chit-chat. It was wonderful. Everything office parties could be, but never are.

Ham-hock terrine
Ham hock terrine

We all trooped in, a river of people flowing through a slightly bemused pub, all a-flutter about places to eat, dishes to bake, who had eaten where and what had they had? It was great, like a giant family gathering. And being bloggers, you can read about it all over the place. Here are a few other accounts:

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They all cover the food, so I won’t bang on too much about it other than to say it was excellent. You can see in the pictures that it looked the part. The thing is, it tasted damn good too. And the fact that they brought out food of this quality to fifty people and kept the rest of a very busy pub happy says a lot (of good things) about their kitchen.

Roast haunch of venison
Roast haunch of venison

Mini crab cakes were a perfect appetite-whetting start, not too spuddy and full of intense crab meat. The ham hock terrine was chop smackingly meaty and the roast venison manged to be both tender and full of gamey flavour. Not as easy to manage as it sounds with this lean meat.

The cheese was fab – proper wedges of smelly unpasteurised joy accompanied by a fabulous home made chutney. And the Christmas pudding was dense and sweet and full of booze. Rib stickingly, almost indecently, good.

Slice 'o' Stilton
The Stilton wedge

The bits and pieces of everybody else’s food that I nabbed (hey, this was a collection – a herd? a dinner? a swarm? – of food bloggers after all) was equally good. And that’s before I even get onto the wine. We had a fruity and light Beaujolais, a deep and peppery Rioja, a rounded and well balanced New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc and a couple of superb dessert wines.

Oh yes, and the pub laid on pints of Dark Star porter and a spicy Bloody Mary that left a whisky warmth in your gullet. Generous? I’ll say they were. It was so good that lunch over ran it’s allotted two hour slot by a good three hours or more. Did the guys at The Ship mind? Hell no, they pulled up a pew when they could and joined the chit-chat over whisky and more wine.

Bloggers in conversation
Bloggers in conversation

So would I recommend eating here? What do you think? Of course I would. The food was really very good indeed and not just tasty, this was well thought out and well executed too. I’d even – deep breath – cross London (and the river) to eat here again. I bet it;s wonderful in the summer, munching your meat over looking the river. Magical.

And it all came to £25 a head. Amazing value.

The Ship, 41 Jews Row, Wandsworth, London, SW18 1TB, 020 8870 9667

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13 Responses to “Bloggers’ Lunch at The Ship – a proper party”

  1. The Grubworm

    @London Lady – it was very tasty indeed

    @Kavey – it was a great event :)

  2. Gin and Crumpets

    Think you’ll find it’s A Nightmare of Food Bloggers ;-)

    That cheese looks so good, I may be forced to go out and buy some Stilton right now. In fact, it all looks wonderful. I must brave the wilds of Wandsworth one day soon.

  3. Keith

    It’s a shame we couldn’t make it but we look forward to getting a chance to meet you and others from our culinary obsessed community at some point in the near future. We also really want to get down to the Ship at some point too!

  4. The Grubworm

    @Gin and Crumpets – it was good cheese, i just can;t remember if it was from Paxton & Whitfield or Neals Yard (or someone else). Where ever it came from, it was a damn fine hunk o’ cheese. This pub is worth making that trek all the way to Wandsworth for sure.

    @Keith – look forward to running into you at a forthcoming gathering. It was a great get together at a great pub (one that’s worth trekking a way to find)

  5. catty

    Dude xmas was like five billion years ago!!!! hehehe but it’s still nice to see pics and read about this lunch. I heard it was super epic and that everyone had a great time… The Ship is a great pub!

  6. The Grubworm

    @catty – i know, i just didn’t want to not write about it. It’s worth it even after a whole month has passed :) And you heard right

    @meemalee – we’ll just have to work on 1mgs and tlf to get them to do another wonderful event.

  7. The Grubworm

    @Leluu – it was such fun – i’d love to do it all over again.

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