Imagine, if you will, walking into an end-of-the-world Wiemar cabaret, a bright salon on the eve of a revolution. The air rich with decadence and possibility, and the clear whiff of luxury. That’s how it felt, dining in the idiosyncratic, … Continued

Prawn and coconut curry

A good curry is like a huge, enveloping embrace from an old friend. The is something so warming, inviting and downright friendly about the combo of heat, spice and sauce that I just can’t get enough. It’s also something that, … Continued

Hix Soho … or was it?

Stuffed sea gulls hanging from the roof, a blood pudding and potato dish called “heaven and earth”, “professional mentalist” Derren Brown in the basement. Surely this was a weird dream brought about by tiredness or a red meat deficit? But … Continued

Gnocchi with a vegetable ragu

I don’t know about you, but I’m starting to feel the damp tendrils of Autumn approaching. There are a few leaves starting to turn brown and spiral desultorily to the pavement. And mornings are noticeably cooler. Not that this is … Continued

Goodbye Eastside Inn

It’s always sad when a much loved place closes its doors. Doubly so when it’s unexpected. So it was with some sadness, and not a little shock, that I found out on Twitter last week that Eastside Inn has closed … Continued