A curative drink before bed

There was no dinner as such last night, just a snack in the pub during the break between a conference and a gallery event run by Bizarre magazine. Instead, I’m going post about the curative lemon, honey and ginger drink I made before heading off to bed.

I love these sorts of drinks when I am feeling physically down and am not really in the mood for tea (green, white, black or oolong), my fall-back cure-all. There’s not much that doesn’t look/feel better after a cup of well made tea, it’s just sometimes not the right drink. I can’t explain it better than that.

The base is almost always the juice of a whole lemon with either honey or sugar, depending on what’s wrong with me and what else I’m having in it. Lemon is there to give it freshness, taste and a zingy blast of vitamin C. Honey gives the drink its anti-bacterial properties and its thick, viscous texture soothes all manner of internal ailments.

Into this I grated an inch of peeled ginger – the taste alone is great, not to mention its anti-septic and general feel-better qualities. Add boiling water, let it cool down a little and voila – your own, unusually good tasting – medicinal drink.

Other combinations i’ve come up with:
Saffron, cinnamon bark, cardamom and honey or sugar
Lemon, honey and cardamom,
Lime, lemongrass, ginger and honey

And one i intend to try out soon:
Lemon, fresh mint and honey/sugar

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