The end of the line

It’s been a great journey, these last thee years. But – as all journeys do – it has come to an end.

The blog has been petering out for a while now, and I’e decided that the time is right to stop. There are many reasons for this: a change in job and a desire to get some other projects off the ground. But really, the biggest one is a steady waning of enthusiasm for blogging recipes. And if I’m not enjoying it, then what’s the point?

While I’m cooking (and eating) just as much as I always have, it’s harder and harder to sit down and actually write up the recipes. And so it’s time for a change. I’m going to take an extended break from blogging and transform The Grubworm into a more searchable recipe resource. I may add the odd recipe from now on, but only if I really feel like it.

Over the three years and 219 posts I’ve been inspired by commenters and other bloggers to create all manner of interesting dishes and my cooking as a result has come on in leaps and bounds. The credit for that lies squarely with you, so a big THANKYOU for getting involved. It’s been a blast, and I hope you’ve found some good recipes, the odd useful review and enjoyed reading.

Most importantly for me – and one of the original reasons for starting the blog in the first place – I’ve met so many intereting food obsessed people and made some wonderful friends with whom I’ll stay in touch and continue to head out on culinary adventures with.

I’ll still be active on Twitter, Path, Flickr and elsewhere online and will post details of new projects there as they happen.

Thanks again for reading, commenting, sharing and generally making this whole blogging thing fun.